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Calculator: Mortality risk in postoperative adult patients with cirrhosis (SI units)*

Calculator: Mortality risk in postoperative adult patients with cirrhosis (SI units)*

ASA class Class 3: Systemic disease with significant functional limitation

Class 4: Systemic disease that is a constant threat to life
Cirrhosis etiology Alcoholic or cholestatic

Viral or other

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MELD score  
Mortality 7 days   %
Mortality 30 days   %
Mortality 90 days   %


  • This is the original version of the MELD score as developed by investigators at Mayo Clinic. A number of modifications have been made by the UNOS to the model for its implementation in organ allocation for liver transplantation. UNOS has set a minimum MELD score of 6 and a maximum score of 40.
  • The original version of the MELD score should only be used in patients who are ≥12 years of age.
  • This calculator predicts early and late mortality in patients with cirrhosis undergoing major surgery.
  • By definition, patients with cirrhosis must have an ASA class of 3 or more.
  • Patients with ASA class of 5 should not undergo surgery.
  • ASA: American Society of Anaesthesiologists; MELD: model for end-stage liver disease; INR: international normalized ratio; UNOS: United Network for Organ Sharing.
  • * This calculator uses SI units (Système international d'unités) as the default for inputs. Do not use this calculator if you are using conventional units (also known as US units and gravimetric units); please refer instead to the conventional units version of this calculator.

Equations used
MELD score = (Round the following expression to the nearest integer)(10 * ((1.12 * ln(INR)) + (0.378 * ln(Bilirubin / 17.1)) + (0.957 * ln(Creatinine / 88.4)) + (0.643 * Cirrhosis_etiology)))
Adjusted_MELD score = Adjusted_MELD score + AgePlus + ASAPlus
ExpDays = e((0.02382*(Age-60))+(0.88884*ASAMort)+(0.11798*(MELD score-8)))
Mortality_7_days = 100 * (1 - 0.98370ExpDays)
Mortality_30_days = 100 * (1 - 0.93479ExpDays)
Mortality_90_days = 100 * (1 - 0.89681ExpDays)


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