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Calculator: Stroke risk in female patients (55 to 84 years) (Framingham data)

Calculator: Stroke risk in female patients (55 to 84 years) (Framingham data)

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  • This risk assessment tool is based on the Cox regression model of proportional hazards.
  • It may be applied to women between the ages of 55 and 84 who have had no prior history of stroke.
  • Cardiovascular disease includes coronary disease, heart failure, or claudication.
  • BP: blood pressure; LV: left ventricular.

Equations used
Risk_factor_diff = (Age * 0.0657) + (Systolic_BP * 0.0197) - (Systolic_BP * (HTN_Med > 0) * 0.0134) + HTN_Med + DM + Cig + CVD + AFib + LVH - 7.5766
Risk_during_period = 100 * (1 - Risk_period_factore(Risk_factor_diff))


Only digits 0 to 9 and a single decimal point (".") are acceptable as numeric inputs. Attempted input of other characters into a numeric field may lead to an incorrect result.

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