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Calculator: Kt/V dialysis dose Daugirdas formula (conventional units)*

Calculator: Kt/V dialysis dose Daugirdas formula (conventional units)*

BUN predialysis   mg/dL
BUN postdialysis   mg/dL
UF volume  
Weight postdialysis  

Important: Inputs must be complete to perform calculation.

Kt/V Daugirdas  
Decimal precision  


  • Kt/V is defined as the dialyzer clearance of urea (K) multiplied by the duration of the dialysis treatment (t, in minutes) divided by the volume of distribution of urea in the body (V, in mL), which is approximately equal to the total body water, corrected for volume lost during ultrafiltration.
  • BUN: blood urea nitrogen; UF: ultrafiltrate.
  • * This calculator uses conventional units (also known as US units and gravimetric units) as the default for inputs. Do not use this calculator if you are using SI units (Système international d'unités); please refer instead to the SI units version of this calculator.

Equations used
Kt/V_Daugirdas = -ln((BUN postdialysis / BUN predialysis) - (0.008 * Hours)) + ((4 - (3.5 * BUN postdialysis / BUN predialysis)) * UF volume / Weight postdialysis)


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