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Calculator: Community-acquired pneumonia severity index (PSI) for adults

Calculator: Community-acquired pneumonia severity index (PSI) for adults


Male (0 points)

Female (-10 points)
Demographic factors

Age (1 point for each year)

Nursing home resident (10 points)
Comorbid illnesses

Neoplastic disease (active) (30 points)

Chronic liver disease (20 points)

Heart failure (10 points)

Cerebrovascular disease (10 points)

Chronic renal disease (10 points)
Physical examination findings

Altered mental status (20 points)

Respiratory rate ≥30/minute (20 points)

Systolic blood pressure <90 mmHg (20 points)

Temperature <35°C (95°F) or ≥40°C (104°F) (15 points)

Pulse ≥125/minute (10 points)
Laboratory and radiographic findings

Arterial pH <7.35 (30 points)

Blood urea nitrogen ≥30 mg/dL (11 mmol/L) (20 points)

Sodium <130 mEq/L (20 points)

Glucose ≥250 mg/dL (14 mmol/L) (10 points)

Hematocrit <30% (10 points)

Partial pressure of arterial oxygen <60 mmHg or oxygen saturation <90% (10 points)

Pleural effusion (10 points)

Important: Inputs must be complete to perform calculation.

Total criteria point count:


Pneumonia score interpretation

  Class I 0.1% mortality (see note below)
0 to 70 points: Class II 0.6% mortality
71 to 90 points: Class III 0.9% mortality
91 to 130 points: Class IV 9.3% mortality
131 to 405 points: Class V 27.0% mortality

  • For patients under the age of 51 years with no comorbidities or abnormal physical findings (among those listed above), the PSI algorithm assigns a Class of I.
  • For guidance regarding the use of the PSI to aid with the decision of the appropriate site of care for adults with community-acquired pneumonia, refer to the UpToDate topic review on this subject.

Only digits 0 to 9 and a single decimal point (".") are acceptable as numeric inputs. Attempted input of other characters into a numeric field may lead to an incorrect result.

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