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Calculator: Blood ethanol concentration estimation

Calculator: Blood ethanol concentration estimation

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Blood ethanol concentration  
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  • 0.8 g/mL is the specific gravity of ethanol and 0.6 is the volume of distribution of ethanol.
  • In the United States (US), percent ethanol of beverages is proof/2 while in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, percent ethanol of beverages is proof/1.75.
  • For example, 80 proof vodka is 40 percent ethanol in the US, but is 46 percent ethanol in the UK or Australia. Use the pull-down unit selector to choose the appropriate Concentration ingested unit.
  • A swallow in a toddler is about 5 mL (1 teaspoon).


Ethanol content in beverages, medications, and household products
ItemPercent ethanol content by volume
          Nonalcoholic beer0.32
          Beer3.2 to 14
          Wine8 to 22
          Liquor20 to 95
          Cold/allergy5 to 16
          Cough medicine2 to 25
Household products 
          Aftershave lotion15 to 80
          Glass cleaners10
          Mouthwashes15 to 25
          Perfumes/colognes25 to 95

Reproduced with permission from: Kleinschmidt KC. Ethanol. In: Haddad and Winchester's Clinical Management of Poisoning and Drug Overdose, 4th ed, Shannon MW, Borron SW, Burns MJ (Eds), Saunders Elsevier, Philadelphia 2007. Illustration used with permission of Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright ©2005 Elsevier Inc.
*Typical content for beer, wine, and liquor is 5, 14, and 40 percent, respectively.


Equations used
Blood_ethanol_concentration = (Volume_ingested * Concentration_ingested * 0.8) / (Weight * 0.6)

Only digits 0 to 9 and a single decimal point (".") are acceptable as numeric inputs. Attempted input of other characters into a numeric field may lead to an incorrect result.

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