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Calculator: APACHE II scoring system by admission diagnosis in adults

Calculator: APACHE II scoring system by admission diagnosis in adults

Admit diagnosis
Rectal temperature
A-a gradient or PO2
pH or HCO3
Chronic disease and operative status

Important: Inputs must be complete to perform calculation.

Log OR  
Decimal precision  


  • For the APACHE II score to be correct, a value must be selected for every variable.
  • The numbers in the parentheses "(…)" represent the point value assigned to each clinical parameter above. The APACHE score is the sum of these points.
  • The numbers in brackets “[…]” represent the weight assigned to a clinical parameter (if any). Weights are used in the mortality risk calculation.
  • Admit diagnosis: For postoperative patients admitted to the ICU for sepsis or postcardiac arrest, use the corresponding weights for nonoperative patients.
  • Chronic diagnosis includes biopsy-proven cirrhosis and documented portal hypertension; past upper gastrointestinal bleeding attributed to portal hypertension; prior hepatic failure; prior hepatic encephalopathy; New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class IV; chronic restrictive, obstructive, or vascular lung disease resulting in severe exercise restriction; documented hypoxemia or hypercapnia; secondary polycythemia; severe pulmonary hypertension (>40 mmHg); ventilator dependence; or chronic hemodialysis.
  • Chronic diagnosis also includes immunosuppression from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, long-term or recent high-dose steroids, or immunodeficiency (eg, leukemia, lymphoma, AIDS).
  • Admit diagnosis: admission diagnosis; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICH/SDH/SAH: intracerebral/subdural/subarachnoid hemorrhage; MAP: mean arterial pressure; HR: heart rate; RR: respiratory rate; A-a gradient: alveolar-arterial gradient; PaO2: partial pressure (arterial) oxygen; FiO2: fraction of inspired oxygen; PaCO2: partial pressure (arterial) carbon dioxide; pH: (-) log base 10 of the hydrogen ion concentration; HCO3: plasma bicarbonate concentration; ABG: arterial blood gases; Na: plasma sodium concentration; K: plasma potassium concentration; ARF: acute renal (kidney) failure (injury); WBC: white blood cells; AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; OR: odds ratio; mortality: risk of death during hospitalization; ICU: intensive care unit.

Equations used
Score = Rectal_temperature + MAP + HR + RR + Aa_Gradient_or_PO2 + pH_or_HCO3 + Na + K + Creat + Hct + WBC + Glasgow + Age + Chronic_disease_and_operative_status_points
Log_OR = -3.517 + (Score * 0.146) + Chronic_disease_and_operative_status_weight + Admit_diagnosis_weight
OR = e(Log_OR)
Mortality = 100 * OR / ( 1 + OR )


Only digits 0 to 9 and a single decimal point (".") are acceptable as numeric inputs. Attempted input of other characters into a numeric field may lead to an incorrect result.

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