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Elements of quality end-of-life care from the SUPPORT study

Elements of quality end-of-life care from the SUPPORT study
1. Care related to symptoms and personal care
Pain and symptom management
Being clean
Having physical touch
2. Being prepared for death
Having affairs in order
Believing family is prepared
Knowing what to expect
Communicating treatment preferences and naming a proxy decision maker
3. Achieving a sense of completion
Saying goodbye to important people
Recognizing one's own accomplishments
Resolving unfinished business
4. Being treated as a whole person
Maintaining dignity
Maintaining a sense of humor
Not dying alone
Having someone who will listen
5. Relating to family, society, care providers, and transcendent
Trust in and comfort with clinician and nurses
Being able to discuss personal fears, including dying and death
Not being a burden to family or society
Being able to help others
Coming to peace with God
Reproduced from: Wilson DM, Cable-Williams BE. Death in Modern Society. In: Palliative Medicine, Walsh D, Caraceni AT, Fainsinger R, et al (Eds), Saunders, Philadelphia 2009. Table used with the permission of Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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