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Treatment of restless legs syndrome (RLS) in nonpregnant adults

Treatment of restless legs syndrome (RLS) in nonpregnant adults
IV: intravenous; PRN: as needed.
* Aggravating factors for RLS include sleep deprivation, untreated comorbid sleep disorders, and certain medications (eg, antidepressants, dopamine receptor blocking agents, sedating antihistamines).
¶ Behavioral strategies include mental alerting activities, moderate regular exercise, reducing caffeine intake, soaking affected limbs, and leg massage.
Δ In patients with acute or chronic inflammatory disorders, transferrin saturation <20% may be a more accurate measure of low iron stores than serum ferritin. Importantly, any adult with iron deficiency (eg, serum ferritin level <30 ng/mL) should be evaluated for the underlying cause, which may include gastrointestinal blood loss, especially for adults over 40 to 50 years, or a condition that interferes with iron absorption.
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