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Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
Eye opening
Spontaneous 4
Response to verbal command 3
Response to pain 2
No eye opening 1
Best verbal response
Oriented 5
Confused 4
Inappropriate words 3
Incomprehensible sounds 2
No verbal response 1
Best motor response
Obeys commands 6
Localizing response to pain 5
Withdrawal response to pain 4
Flexion to pain 3
Extension to pain 2
No motor response 1
The GCS is scored between 3 and 15, 3 being the worst and 15 the best. It is composed of three parameters: best eye response (E), best verbal response (V), and best motor response (M). The components of the GCS should be recorded individually; for example, E2V3M4 results in a GCS score of 9. A score of 13 or higher correlates with mild brain injury, a score of 9 to 12 correlates with moderate injury, and a score of 8 or less represents severe brain injury.
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